Friday, May 13, 2005

District Judge Barred From Cases

Holly Huffman, an Eagle Staff writer, has reported that District Judge Rick Davis will not be allowed to preside over a series of upcoming cases assigned to his courtroom, including a capital murder trial set to begin next week, an administrative judge ruled Thursday.

Judge Olen Underwood, presiding judge of the administrative region that includes Brazos County, granted motions Thursday to recuse the Judge Davis from the capital murder trial and three other cases.

According to the story, a three-judge panel appointed by the Texas Supreme Court to hear Judge Davis’ appeal of the reprimand upheld the state commission’s decision, and ordered Davis to take anger-management classes and counseling with a mentor judge. The District Attorney said his office would continue to monitor all the cases assigned to Davis’ court and, hopefully, there will be no conflict between the office and the judge.


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